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Baby and Childhood Memory Quilts

A quilt made from your child's clothing is a wonderful way to preserve the memories their clothing holds.

A baby’s clothes have so many special memories - the overalls worn while learning to crawl, the blanket that was carried around until it almost fell apart, a favorite shirt, a bib, a bit of smocking or a pair of flannel sleepers. For those items too precious to part with, a childhood memory quilt is the perfect way to preserve the memories they hold and is sure to become a treasured family heirloom.

Children's memory quilts can include items of clothing, bibs, receiving blankets, onesies, pajamas, just about anything.

Childhood Memory Quilts Order Form and Pricing Information

Here are some examples of childhood memory quilts that I've made:

Photo of Childhood Memory Quilt

A Little Boy's Memory Quilt with Matching Pillow Sham

Baby Girl Childhood Memory Quilt

A Little Girl's Memory Quilt with Matching Pillow Sham

Pillow Sham for Little Girl Memory Quilt with Embroidered Name

Pillow Sham for Baby Girl Quilt with Embroidered Name

Photo of Baby Boy Memory Quilt

Closeup of Baby Boy Quilt

Boys Quilted Pillow Sham

Closeup of Baby Boy Quilt Matching Sham



Childhood memory quilts take more time to make than traditional quilts because of the small pieces of clothing - most clothing needs to be backed with interfacing to prevent stretching and the cutting process is more time consuming.

Childhood Memory Quilt Information

Childhood memory quilts are available in throw or twin size. The pattern is made up of squares of various sizes.

Matching pillow shams are available with either a straight edge or a ruffle. The shams are made with an envelope back so the pillow can slip in an out easily.

You should send a variety of clothing and colors, my only stipulation is that the clothing should be clean. Most clothing can be used with the exception of knitted items like sweaters and hats, or very thick fabrics like terry cloth.

The amount of clothing varies depending on the size of the clothing and the size of the quilt. For a twin size quilt, you should send about 40 pieces of clothing, and a throw size quilt takes about 25 or more pieces. The more clothing, the better. If you don't have enough clothing, I can fill in with fabric.

Your quilts are made with the clothing you provide, however, I may incorporate additional fabric as needed.

I use cotton batting and cotton fabric for the backing, and machine quilt your quilt for stability and durability.

Click Here for Baby Memory Quilt Order Form