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Necktie Pillow Instructions   

Each pillow requires a minimum of 16 neckties.  They should be in a variety of colors and patterns.

For the front of the pillow:

For each pillow cut 4 - 9 1/2" foundation squares out of cotton fabric.

Draw a diagonal line on each square.

Cut interfacing strips about 8" wide x 20" long. At least as wide as the tie. *

Open up the ties so they lay flat and press creases smooth - make sure to remove all the little pieces of thread.

 Fuse interfacing to back side of ties.

Cut strips from ties at least 12" long for the center strip of each block and variable widths - strips 1.25 inch to 2.5 inches in width work well.  Others can be cut shorter, but I just leave them all 20" long and cut them down as I use them - this gives you more flexibility when choosing pieces.

Lay the first strip right side up against the diagonal line on the foundation square. It will extend past the foundation square - not like the picture - that's what you want.  You will trim the square later - just cut it off so there's an inch or so extending on each end.

Place the second strip right side down on top of the first.

Stitch the strips together and to the foundation piece 1/4" from the diagonal line.

Press open.

Add more strips the same way you added the second strip, sew on and press open.  Make sure each tie is in each square - at especially the bright ones.

When all 4 squares are filled with ties, cut the 9 1/2" square down to an 8 1/2" square.  Line up the diagonal line on your ruler with a seam to make sure it is straight.

Lay out and sew together making a 16.5" square block.

Cut a border strip 1 1/2 wide and sew to the block to make the inner border.

For the outer border, take left over tie fabric strips - you might need to cut more - from leftover ties - if so - fuse and cut the same way as the tie strips.  Cut various widths 3 1/2" high.  Make 4 strips.

Sew strips to block

The final block should measure approximately 24" square

Layer with batting and backing fabric and outline quilt through the center and the inside seam of the inner border.  Don't quilt the outside seam of the inner border.

Choose the best look and mark the top.

Make the Pillow Back:

To make an envelope style back -

Take the length of the pillow block, divide it in half and add 6 inches.

     so for a 24" square you need 12 + 6 = 18"

Measure the width of the block and add 2 inches.

     so for a 24" square you will need 26"

Cut 2 pieces 18" x 26"

Turn the fabric under twice to make a hem on one long edge of each piece.  Press and top stitch to secure the hem.

Lay both back pieces right side up with the raw sides facing out.

Overlap the hemmed sides 3" and pin.  The top piece will be the top of the pillow.

Measure the tie block and mark the middle of the right and left side.  So if the block is 24", put in a pin on either side 12" from the top and bottom.  Place the tie square right side down and center it on the back - making sure the center pins are in the center of the back, and the top of the tie square is at the top.

Pin and sew back to front using a 1/4" seam

Turn right side out and press slightly from the back to flatten it

Pin around the outside seam of the inner border and sew through the top of the pillow.

Insert an 18" pillow form and voila!  Finished!!

*I recommend featherweight interfacing for your neckties. It requires very little heat to fuse to the ties and works well with silky tie fabric.

For 16 ties you will need at least 3.5 yards of interfacing.  To be on the safe side, I would get at least 4 yards since you may need more if you need to prepare additional tie material for the outer border.


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